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Shocking Levels of Antimicrobial Resistance in Burn Infections in Bestian Hospital, Seoul, South Korea
Jeongsook yoon

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Annals of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Linguistic Planification and Legislation. Study of its Principal Aspects and Research Tools
Andres Montaner Bueno, Ana Montaner Bueno

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Annals of Language and Literature

Comparative Proximate Composition and Cyanide Content of Peeled and Unpeeled Cassava Roots Processed into Garri by Traditional Methods
Chiedozie O. Ibegbulem and Paul C. Chikezie

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Research Journal of Food and Nutrition

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience: A Blueprint for Chemistry Revolution
Eluchie Nene Pear

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Open Access Journal of Chemistry

Indigenous Approaches to Conflict Resolution in Africa: A Study of the Barolong People of the North-West Province, South Africa
Dejo Olowu

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Journal of Law and Judicial System
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