Annals of Ecology and Environmental Science

ISSN 2637-5338

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Volume - 2 Issue - 1, 2018


Effects of Baryte Mining on Water Quality in Azara-Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria
Ishaya S., M. M. Alhassan and Ndako Nma

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Global Warming and the Sudan: Variation of Air Temperature over Sudan and South Sudan during the Last Fifty Years
Habiballa A. Mohamed

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Formation Patterns of Acridid Communities in Urban Landscapes of Turkmenistan
E.O. Kokanova

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The Social Daily Activity Correlation of Olive Baboon (Papio Anubis) in Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria
Melle Ekane Maurice, Lameed G.A

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The Role of Indigenous People Knowledge in the Biodiversity Conservation in Gursumwoerda, Easternhararghe Ethiopia
Yeneayehu FenetahunMihertu

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