Annals of Language and Literature

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Volume - 1 Issue - 1, 2017


The Unconscious and Socio-Political Implications on Contemporary African States: Satiric Reflections from Two African Plays
Taiwo A. Stanley Osanyemi

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A Content-Based Analysis of Shahriar's ?man Mustatisi: A Linguistic Perspective
Mohammad Amin Mozaheb, Mostafa Shahiditabar

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Defining Culture: The Meaning of 'Person' as Carrier of Cultural Meaning
C. S. Herrman

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Discourse Analysis of Content in Conversation Parts of Headway 2
Ahmad Mojavezi, Nasrin Aslani

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Re-tellings of the Myth of Leda and the Swan: A Feminist Perspective
Shadi S. Neimneh, Nisreen M. Sawwa, Marwan M. Obeidat

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Differences in the English Proficiency Levels of Texas Grade 3 English Language Learners as a Function of Bilingual Program
Rolando A. Merchan and John R. Slate

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The Academic Achievement Gap of Black American Students Vis-a-vis Whites and Asians
Paul C. Mocombe, Carol Tomlin, Victoria Showunmi

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