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Archives of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases is an international, open access, online publishing, medical journal that publishes highest quality research information covering original basic and clinical research on all aspects of cardiology and cardiovascular disease. Topics covered include ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, valvular heart disease, arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, new diagnostic techniques etc.

Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology.

Recently Published Articles

Results of the Experimentation of a Platform for Automated Detection of Situations at Risk of Cardiac Decompensation (E-CarePlatform) in Elderly Patients with Multiple Comorbidities
Emmanuel Andres, Samy Talha, Mohamed Hajjam, Olivier Keller, Jawad Hajjam,Sylvie Erve, Ami Hajjam

Download | 01-10

Successful Stent Implantation in a Marginal Branch of the Circumflex Artery via Right Internal Mammary Artery in Transradial Technique
Stefan Peters

Download | 11-13

The Characteristic of Prevalence of Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases among the Population of Novgorod Area (According to Selective Research of 2012-2014)
Boris Fishman, Alla Horoshevskaya, Svetlana Butrimova, Mikhail Yukhno, Oksana Lole, Victor Lisitsin, Anton Dovgal, Pavel Staricov, Anna Orechova

Download | 14-20

Titin Mutations and Left Ventricular Hypertrabeculation / Noncompaction (LVHT)
Josef Finsterer, Sinda Zarrouk-Mahjoub

Download | 21-22

Modern Trends of Mortality from Cardiovascular Diseases in the Novgorod Region
Boris Fishman, Pavel Fedchenko, Victor Licitcin, Anton Dovgal, Pavel Staricov, Mikhail Yukhno, Oksana Lole, Anna Orechova

Download | 23-28

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