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Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018


The Elusive Target of Congestive Heart Failure Treatment: Delaying the Inevitable
Awad Magbri, Eussera El-Magbri, Mariam El-Magbri, Shaukat Rashid, Balhinder Brar

Full Text | Download | 01-05

The Internal Picture of the Disease - Influence of Mental State and Quality of Life on Hypertension and Ischemic Heart Coronary Heart Disease Patients
Boris Fishman, Antonina Savolyuk, Larisa Fomenko, Grigoriy Shvartsman, Prozorova Irina, Fedchenko Pavel, Yegor Rumyantsev

Full Text | Download | 06-15

An Unusual Metallic Foreign Body in the Right Ventricle
Alberto Cresti, Francesco De Sensi, Elena Aldi, Alberto Picotti, Luca Franci, Pasquale Baratta, Jan Bogaert, Ugo Limbruno

Full Text | Download | 16-19

Features of Depressive Disorders Comorbidity in Patients with Arterial Hypertension
Boris Fishman, Natalia Vege, Larisa Fomenko, Oksana Lole, Antonina Savoluk, Irina Prozorova, Anna Orechova, Yegor Rumyantsev

Full Text | Download | 20-27

One Stage Surgical Treatment of Debakey Type I Aortic Dissection, using a Hybrid Stent-Graft E-Vita Open
Joao de Deus e Brito, Claudio Roberto Assumpcao, Gerez F Martins, Eduardo Simas4 Roberto Young Jr, Mauricio Lobo Nascimento, Lucas Moura Bezz Maciel, Luisa de Campos Guimaraes

Full Text | Download | 28-31

Pharmacologic Pericarditis
Jose Gabriel Charria, Ricardo Criales, Ivette Gonzalez, Natalia Martinez, Diego Severiche

Full Text | Download | 32-42

Complex Assessment of Clinical Features and Internal Picture of the Disease in Various Forms of Coronary Heart Disease
Boris Fishman, Antonina Savolyuk, Larisa Fomenko

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