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Archives of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care is an international, open access, online publishing, medical journal that enfold all the aspects of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. The journal means to publish current research to progress the emergency care of patients with critical illness and to promote evidence-based information which is relevant to emergency physicians and academicians.

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty involving care for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. An intensive care or critical care is a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides intensive treatment medicine.

Recently Published Articles

Diagnosis Errors in French Emergency Department: Lessons from the Insurer
Frederic Fuz, Yann-Erick Claessens, Melanie Autran, Alexandra Hombreux,Alexandre Theissen

Download | 01-05

Defeating the Odds: Onychocryptosis, an Underestimated Cause of Morbidity
Carlos J. Roldan, Maria C. Correa, Valentina Velez

Download | 06-09

Experiences and Perceptions on Needle Stick Injuries among Staff Nurses in a Private Hospital in Singapore
Uma Dewi Kuppusamy, Umiaziente Suchi, Regidor-111 Dioso

Download | 10-18

A Case of Asymptomatic Gastric Emphysema Incidentally found by Initial Computed Tomography for the Evaluation of Trauma
Taketo Sonoda, Kouhei Ishikawa, Hiroki Nagasawa, Ikuto Takeuchi, Kei Jitsuiki, Shunsuke Madokoro, Akihiko Kondo, Hiromichi Ohsaka, Kazuhiko Omori, Youichi Yanagawa

Download | 19-21

Neck Vessel Dissection following Whiplash-Type Neck Injury
Richard Peatfield, Harri Jenkins

Download | 22-26

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