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Archives of Oncology and Cancer Therapy is an international, open access, online publishing, medical journal that covers the full spectrum of Oncology and Cancer Therapy. The journal publishes quality research, original works in fields of cancer biology, cancer science and therapeutics, cancer nanotechnology, cancer detection and prevention, radiology, radiation oncology, radiation therapy, medical and clinical oncology.

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy including immunotherapy such as monoclonal antibody therapy and synthetic lethality.

Recently Published Articles

Absolute Quantification of Colon Cancer MicroRNAs with 3D Digital, Chip-Based PCR
Farid E. Ahmed, Mostafa M. Gouda, Nancy C. Ahmed

Download | 01-24

Diffusely Increased [18F]-FDG Bone Marrow Uptake Post Anti-Tuberculous Therapy; A Newly known Cause for Osteoblastic Healing; An Interesting Image
Fathinul Fikri Ahmad Saad, Ahmed Mohamed Abdulmuati Al Junid, Abdul Jalil Nordin

Download | 25

Primary Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Neuroectodermal Tumor/Ewing's Sarcoma: Long-Term Survival after Local Excision
Maite Lopez Deogracias, Francisco Martinez Garcia, Karmele Mugika, Inaki Arias-Camison

Download | 26-28

Giant Renal Oncocytoma-Case Report of Incidentaly Detected on Computed Tomography
Lokesh Rana, Dinesh Sood, Roshni Shukla, Pooja Gurnal, Ankur Ga

Download | 29-31

Patent and Publications Trends in Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
Martin Perez-Santos, Landeta G, Carla de la Cerna Hernandez, Azucena Monge-Lopez, Jesus Leal-Rojas

Download | 32-36

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