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Indian Economy is the fastest growing major economy in the world and in Asia. According to government estimate, Indian economy is expected to grow 7.5% in the current financial year as abundant monsoon as rains are expected to boost rural income and overall growth.

International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management is one of the most outstanding strengths of Sryahwa Publications in giving the recent research updates in the fields of Market analysis and business. Our journal focuses on key elements to understand the market fluctuations and recent marketing trends to develop your business.

International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management houses the topics like Crisis Management, Business law, Business ethics, Entrepreneurship, Organizational behaviour, public administration, Statistical methods, etc. our topics are more broader than they appear.

IJRBSM has built a strong bond over the years with its readers and the business community in general. This relationship and the credibility, has played a significant role in spurring the business and economy forward.

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