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Human thrust to simplify the processes in day to day life leading to the emergence of new technologies. Even though the research in this field is advanced, but it is baring rare fruits when it is being applied to real time hurdles. Because of high economical input, majority of the engineering and technological research is not reaching to the remote areas.

Our Engineering and technological journals, will not only focus on emerging research but also focuses on the nodes, where it can reach to common people. Engineering and Technology Journals of Sryahwa publications, will focus on the key topics of engineering where vivid research is happening like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Engineering, Civil Engineering, Robotics and automation, Chemical Engineering.

This category covers and publishes latest technological innovations, most completed technical original research articles in the journals. Besides publishing the emerging trends, our journals also focuses on environmental impacts and health concerns. Our journals are serving at its best to improve the society with eco-friendly technology.

Sryahwa Publications Engineering and Technology Journals covers the recent research in the fields of Emerging Engineering Research and Technology, Nanoscience and Engineering, Science, Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Construction and More.

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