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Journal of Educational System is an international, open access, online publishing, peer reviewed journal. The journal deals with contemporary educational systems and impacts, improvements of educational planning, technology mediated education etc. The audience for the journal includes educators, administrators, and researchers who are fascinated in keeping up with the latest educational technologies.

Recently Published Articles

Impacts of Workplace Bullying on Staff Psychological Wellness in Institutions of Higher Learning
Ilongo Fritz Ngale

Download | 01-09

Attaining Children's Development through Appropriate Assessment Practices: Insights from Kindergarten Teachers
Mumuni Thompson

Download | 10-17

The Role of Distance Learning in Enabling Students to Learn both at Secondary Education Level and in Adult Education
Thomas Georgas, Georgios Giannoukos, Ioannis Stergiou, Sotiria Kallianta, Vasilios Hioctour, Susi Poli

Download | 18-20

Results of the optional subject "Physics of biological systems"
Y. Mengana Torres, L. Rodriguez Landrove, R. Miller Clemente

Download | 21-24

Education for All in Developing Countries: A Critical Analysis of Ivorian Educational System
Rassidy Oyeniran

Download | 25-33

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