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Journal of Law and Judicial System is an international journal that intends to publish most quality research papers in the fields of socio-legal studies and the psychology of law, criminology and social justice studies. The journal is keen to present relative and international overview of law, system-wide trends and problems on law, crime and justice throughout the world. Journal provides a medium for social scientists to report research findings with respect to crime and justice through innovative and advanced methodologies.

Journal of Law and Judicial System aims to publish most quality research work which is undergone through thorough quality check peer review process.

Journal of Law and Judicial System considers only original works that are not published elsewhere with any publication organization. All the submitted articles must follow the ethics and policy of Journal of Law and Judicial System.

Recently Published Articles

A Review of the Civil Liability of Banks for Breaching or Failing To Fulfill the Contractual Obligations of Bank Finance
Abdolreza Hosseinloo, Dr. Ali Pour Ghasab Amiri

Download | 01-07

The Concept of Retributive and Restorative Justice in Islamic Criminal Law with Reference to the Malaysian Syariah Court
Ramizah Wan Muhammad and Khairunnasriah Abdul Salam

Download | 08-16

Strict Liability as a Panacea for Toxic Waste Disposal Problem in International Law
Victor. A. Offiong

Download | 17-24

An Analysis of China and Africa Relations with Special Focus on "One Belt And One Road"
Muhammad Sabil Farooq, Nazia Feroze-Master, Dr. Yuan Tong Kai

Download | 25-33

Live- in Relationship: A Comparative Analysis on Issue and Challenges in India
Dr. Krushna Chandra Dalai

Download | 34-38

Law and Principal-Agent Interaction
Jan-Erik Lane

Download | 39-44

African American Student's Perceptions Toward Nfl Kneeling And Trump's Reaction: Racial Justice V. Patriotism
Komanduri S. Murty, Bridget Holyfield-Moss, Ashwin G. Vyas, Julian B. Roebuck

Download | 45-56

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