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Journal of Religion and Theology is an openaccess, peer reviewed, on line publishing journal that publishes academic articles of high quality on religion, theology, and related fields. The journal encourages exchange of ideas between divergent notional, theoretical and disciplinary languages, with a view to reconceptualising theology in the note of current theory of religion. The journal takes the role as an international forum for contemporary religious dissertation. All the submitted manuscripts will undergo a thorough peer review process.

Recently Published Articles

Prophecies are Dangerous Things: Mental Health Implications of Prophetic Disconfirmation
Simon Dein

Download | 01-05

Solidarity in 'Jangi': Concept, Similarities and Contrast with Recent Papal's Understandings
Joseph Loic Mben, SJ

Download | 06-16

Explanation of Soul or Self in the Holy Qur'an and Atman in the Ancient Upanishads
Dr Ali Reza Khajegir , Mohammad Reza Afroogh

Download | 17-24

Christ's Teachings on Work
Wilson Onuigbo

Download | 25-27

Elixir of Love in the school of Ramanuja and Mawlana
Ali Reza Khajegir, Mohammad Reza Afroogh

Download | 28-33

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