Annals of Geographical Studies

ISSN: 2642-9136 DOI Prefix: 10.22259/2642-9136
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Volume 4, Issue 1

Effectiveness of Flood Adaptation Strategies to Land Use Dynamics in Ngoketunjia Division, North West Region of Cameroon

Sunday Shende Kometa, Dereck Mbeh Petiangma, Edwin Mua Kang

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Texas Hurricane Landfalls: A Case Study for Understanding Circular Distributions and Geographic Data

Richard W. Dixon

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Site Suitability Study forSolid Waste Dumpsite Selection Using Geospatial-Based Multi-Criteria Analysis inYenagoa, Bayelsa StateNigeria

Eteh Desmond Rowland, Francis Omonefe, Jonathan Lise Erebi

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