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The "Archives of Physical Health and Sports Medicine" is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on the field of physical health and sports medicine. The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of the latest research, developments, and advances in these fields to an international audience of researchers, healthcare professionals, and students.

The journal covers a wide range of topics related to physical health and sports medicine, including exercise physiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports biomechanics, sports injury, sports rehabilitation, sports epidemiology, and sports public health.

The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications that contribute to the advancement of the fields of physical health and sports medicine. With a focus on the latest research and developments, the "Archives of Physical Health and Sports Medicine" is a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and students in these fields.

Recently Published Articles

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Following Achilles Tendon Repair in Male Patients

Mikhail Zusmanovich, Abigail Campbell, Keon Youssefzadeh, William Tyler Haselman, Heather Milligan, Orr Limpisvasti, Kenneth Jung

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0402003
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Effects of a Home-Visit Short-Term Intensive Service on the Exercise Habits of Older Adults Living in Mountainous Areas

Takaaki Nishimura, Ryo Miyachi, Masayasu Tanaka, Maki Ishisaki, Yuichi Kitamura, Tomoko Washio, Kinso Horio, Aika Saito, Saori Niwa, Naoko Hashiba, Tamaki Yoshizawa

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0402002
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Competitive Swimming-Related Injuries in the Adolescent Athlete: A Retrospective Analysis

Matthew Orringer, Rebecca Miller, Nirav Pandya, MD

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0402001
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Relationship Between Lumbar Region Stability and Lower Extremity Motor Function in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals

Takaaki Nishimura, Ryo Miyachi, Masayasu Tanaka, Kazuko Uno, Tamaki Yoshizawa

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0401005
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Benefits of Physical Exercise on Risk Factors that Connect Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease: Are there Differences between Women and Men?

Daniela Boschetti, Luis Felipe Martucci, Fabiana S. Evangelista, Anna Karenina Azevedo-Martins

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0401004
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The Association between the Prevalence and Age Standardized Death Rate of Hypertension within the South African Populace Over a 15-Year Interval (2006-2015)

Mrs. Bernelee D Doherty, Prof. Yvonne Paul, Mr Marco Barnard, Dr. Terry J Ellapen

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0401003
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Higher-Level Functional Capacity Associated with Social Frailty in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Suguru Ando, RPT, PhD, Masaki Iwamura, RPT, PhD, Yosuke Yamato, RPT, PhD, Kenji Shinbo, RPT, Wataru Nanikawa, RPT, Msc, Hiroyuki Kajimoto, RPT, Msc, Chikako Maeda, RPT, PhD, Hitoshi Kumada, RPT, Msc

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0401002
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Relationship Between Frontal Plane Gait Parameters and Balance Tests in Older Adults

Ryo Miyachi, Teppei Abiko, Hideki Nakano, Kayoko Shiraiwa, Akio Goda, Junya Miyazaki, Shin Murata

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0401001
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Physiology of Detraining in Older Population: Pandemic Time Considerations

Ana Maria Anaya, Diego Serna, Paula Torres, Nestor Bustamante, Paola Callejas, Jorge Garcia, Claudia Escobar, Hugo Pabon, Mauricio Garzon

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0302005
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The Motor Control Ability of the Lumbar Region and Hip Joint are Related to the Direction of the Hip Movement Test in Older People

Ryo Miyachi, Junya Miyazaki

doi 10.22259/2639-1805.0302004
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