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Volume - 2 Issue - 2, 2018


NASA EM Drive via E-Infinity Cantorian-Fractal Space-Time Theory
Leila Marek-Crnjac

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Thermal stability of polymer composite films based on polyvinyl alcohol doped with different fillers
Shko H.Salh, Dlzar A.Raswl

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Double Transient Chaotic Behaviour of a Rolling Ball
Peter Nagy and Peter Tasnadi

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Structural and Electrical Characterization of High-Knano Crystalline Erbium Oxide
Asghari Maqsooda, Z.U. Ghazalia, M.S. Awanb, M. Anis-Ur-Rehmanc

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Conversation about the Nature of Gravitational Forces and the Mechanism of Long-Range Interaction
Stanislav Konstantinov

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