Physical Science Journals

The physical sciences derived from the rationalistic materialism that emerged in classical Greece, itself an outgrowth of magical and mythical views of the world. These early philosophers posed the broad questions that still basis of science. Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Earth Science are the basic branches of Physical Sciences. Sryahwa Publications focuses from basic research to advanced technologies and research.

Our open access physical science journals are at its best to publish articles after peer review process. We follow double blind peer review process. Our journals publishes the articles cover under all subtopics of Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy.

Sryahwa publications houses three journals that focuses on prominent topics like Astronomy, Fluid Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Cosmology, Energy, Solids, Quantum Physics, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Separation techniques, Applied and Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Thermodynamic, Nanochemistry, etc.

Physical Science Journals covers the recent research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Applied Materials and More.

List of Physical Science Journals (5)


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