Research Journal of Nanoscience and Engineering

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Volume - 2 Issue - 2, 2018


Recent Developments in Bio-nanocomposites: A Review
Anshuman Srivastava

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Charges Transfer in Quater-Thiophene Confined in Graphene Using the Infrared Calculations
O. Boutahir, M. Boutahir, J. Chenouf, AH. Rahmani, H. Chadli, A. Rahmani

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Structural-Parametric Model and Structural Diagram of Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nanoscience
Afonin S.M

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Magnetic Preparation: an Alternative Method of Extracting Cd(Ii) From Aqueous Solution Using Chitosan/Graphene Oxide Fe3o4 Nanocomposites
Ali Moghimi

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