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Journal of Fine Arts is an open access, on line publishing scholarly journal that promotes the study of the art and supports the publishing of art historical submissions. The journal helps the young and established scientists who are aimed at studying art historical scholarship and building their research in the discipline of arts and related subjects. The strong editorial team will review the submissions and provide valuable guidelines.

Journal of Fine Arts aims to publish most quality research work which is undergone through thorough quality check peer review process.

Journal of Fine Arts considers only original works that are not published elsewhere with any publication organization. All the submitted articles must follow the ethics and policy of Journal of Fine Arts.

Recently Published Articles

Anglo-Arabic Influence and the African Sacred: Implications for Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in Africa
Canice Chukwuma Nwosu, Okolie Emmanuel

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Interpreting the Reader-Response Way:Understanding Contemporary Literary Theory
Anupam R. Nagar, Virambhai R

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Rethinking Spiritual/Cultural Appropriation in Christian Music Making and Consumption: A Study of Nigerian Gospel Music
Endong, Floribert Patrick Calvain

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The Religious Base of the Russian Dance Traditions
Sokovikova Natalia Viktorovna

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A Christian Perspective on Traditional Art and Art Education in Nigeria
Endong Floribert Patrick Calvain

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