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Journal of Genetics and Genetic Engineering is an international, open access, academic journal devoted to publish high quality valuable scientific research in the field of Genetics and Genetic Engineering. Every article published in our journal would be sent for thorough peer review process earlier to its publication. The journal accepts and publishes all the original research, review, commentaries, case studies related to journals scope.

Recently Published Articles

Genotypic Analysis of Etroplus Maculatus in Western Ghat Rivers of India using Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Analysis
D. Jini

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Study of Genetic Mutations in, DRD2, GABRG3ADH1B3, ALDH, ADH1B2, CHRNA5, CHRNA3, CHRNA6, Genes to Induce Alcoholism Syndrome
Shahin Asadi, Hamideh Mohammadzadeh, Manoush Tohidirad, Mahsa Jamali

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The Detection of HER2 Gene Amplification in Breast Cancer by upQMPSF
Sami Azrak, Khalil Melli, Batool Alassar, Thaer Khoury

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An Optimized Procedure for Determining the Amylase/ Amylopectin Ratio in Common Wheat Grains Based on the Dual Wavelength Iodine-Binding Method
Hai-Wei Ma, Mei Deng

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Hereditary Ovarian Cancer and Germline Mutations: Review Article
Sami Azrak

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Molecular Characterization of Animal Genetics Resources, its Potential for use in Developing Countries
I.B. Gamaniel and D.S. Gwaza

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