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Journal of Law and Judicial System is an international journal that intends to publish most quality research papers in the fields of socio-legal studies and the psychology of law, criminology and social justice studies. The journal is keen to present relative and international overview of law, system-wide trends and problems on law, crime and justice throughout the world. Journal provides a medium for social scientists to report research findings with respect to crime and justice through innovative and advanced methodologies.

Journal of Law and Judicial System aims to publish most quality research work which is undergone through thorough quality check peer review process.

Journal of Law and Judicial System considers only original works that are not published elsewhere with any publication organization. All the submitted articles must follow the ethics and policy of Journal of Law and Judicial System.

Recently Published Articles

Book Review 'Undang-Undang Untuk Pengetua & Guru Besar' (Malay Version)
Uqbah Iqbal

View | Download | 01-Feb

Is-Jurisprudence Versus Ought-Jurisprudence: A Discarded Distinction Today?
Jan-Erik Lane

View | Download | 03-Sep

Indigenous Approaches to Conflict Resolution in Africa: A Study of the Barolong People of the North-West Province, South Africa
Dejo Olowu

View | Download | Oct-16

Book Review 'Program Pengurusan Tingkah Laku Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas' (Malay Version)
Dr. Uqbah Iqbal

View | Download | 17

Taxpayers' Residence as Basis for Exercising Tax Jurisdiction: A Conceptual Analysis
Nuhu Musa Idris

View | Download | 18-35

Work and Discrimination on the Workplace in the Republic of Croatia
Sinisa Franjic

View | Download | 36-39

The Practice of Assisted Human Reproduction Technologies (Arts) in Nigeria: The Unanswered Legal and Ethical Questions
Zakariya Mustapha

View | Download | 40-50

Socio-Economic Implication of Kidnapping and Hostage Taking in Southern Nigeria
Benjamin Okorie-Ajah, Bonaventure N. Nwokeoma and Okpan, Samuel O

View | Download | 51-59

Justice for All without Litigations: Reflections on Alternative Socio-Legal Initiatives for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria's Multi-Ethnic Society
Nwankwo, Ignatius Uche

View | Download | 60-65

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