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Journal of Zoological Research is an international, open access and on line publishing journal that reports on zoological research contributed by respected international scientists/ researchers/ academicians etc. The journal invites and publishes current research information in the subject of zoology and its sub disciplines in the form of original articles, it also invites experts to submit review articles, short reports, case reports on topics of current interest.

Recently Published Articles

Immunological Response against Leishmaniamajor Parasites with Pyrethrum Extracts
Reuben Ruttoh, Bernard Osero, Johnston Ingonga, Mourine Kangogo, Amos Mbugua, Festus Tolo, Peter Mwitari and Christopher Anjili

Download | 01-06

Effects of Lambdacyhalothrin Incorporated into 1, 4-Dichlorobenzene on Sand Fly and Mosquito Vectors in Endemic Areas of Kenya
Kaburi Josyline, Ngumbi Philip, Irungu Lucy, Ndegwa Paul, Ingonga Johnstone, Ruttoh Reuben, Bernard Osero, Anjili Christopher

Download | 07-12

Effects of water acidification and pathogen exposure on innate immunity in Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) tadpoles
Mackenzie Peck, Travis E.Wilcoxen

Download | 13-20

Evaluation of Larvicidal and Ovicidal Effects of Mundulea Sericea in the Control of Culex Quinquefasciatus)
Mwangemi A. Mwanjulu, Joseph J.N. Ngeranwa, Marion Burugu, Bernard O. Osero and Christopher O. Anjili

Download | 21-28

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