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Journal of Zoological Research is an international, open access and on line publishing journal that reports on zoological research contributed by respected international scientists/ researchers/ academicians etc. The journal invites and publishes current research information in the subject of zoology and its sub disciplines in the form of original articles, it also invites experts to submit review articles, short reports, case reports on topics of current interest.

Recently Published Articles

Zoo Therapeutic uses of Snake Body Parts in Folk & Traditional Medicine
Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Antony Gomes, Subir Chandra Dasgupta

View | Download | 01-09

Evaluation of Two Novel Feeding Protocols Utilizing Alive and Dried Chlorella vulgaris to Grow Heterocypris salina (Ostracoda: Crustacea)
Ebtesam A Yousef and Mahmoud H.Hegab

View | Download | 10-15

Covert Carnivory? A Seed-Predating Primate, the Golden-Backed Uacari, Shows Preferences for Insect-Infested Fruits
Barnett A A, Ronchi-Teles B, Silva WS, Andrade R, Almeida T, Bezerra BM, Goncalves de Lima M, Spironello WR, MacLarnon A, Ross C & Shaw PJA

View | Download | 16-31

Faunistic Study on Species Composition of Mosquitoes and Sand Flies around Mrima Hill a High Radiation Area in Kwale County, Kenya
Onyiego, J.A, Makau, J, Mutiso, J, Mueke, J.M and Anjili, C.O

View | Download | 32-36

Mite Populations and its Predators on Some Vegetables in Relation to Monthly and Site Variations of in Ismailia, Egypt
Manal S.M. Ismail, Asmaa M. Abdallah, Ahmed H. AboGhalia and Maha F.M. Soliman

View | Download | 37-45

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