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Open Access Journal of Chemistry is a peer-reviewed international, online journal aims to disseminate the scientific research information on all aspects of research and development in chemistry as well as its related subjects. The journal is devoted to publish quality research contributions in the fields of experimental and applied researches of chemistry. We publish all kinds of Original/ Research, Review, Case Report, Short Reports and Editorial Articles.

Open Access Journal of Chemistry aims to publish most quality research work which is undergone through thorough quality check peer review process.

Open Access Journal of Chemistry considers only original works that are not published elsewhere with any publication organization. All the submitted articles must follow the ethics and policy of Open Access Journal of Chemistry.

Recently Published Articles

Technology of Processing of Navbakhore Dolomite on Magnesium Compounds
Akhmedov M.E., Dadakhodzhaev A.T., Guro V.P

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Biochemical Characteristics of Drought-Resistance of the Scab-Immune and Non Immune Apple-Tree Varieties
N.I. Nenko, G.K. Kisileva, E.V. Ulyanovskaya, E. K.Yablonskay , A.V. Karavaeva.

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Doping of WC-Co Hard metal with Vanadium Carbide
Ruziev U.N, Guro V.P, Ibragimova M.A, Bashlykov A.A, Rasulova S.T.

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Extraction and Characterization of Ethanol Obtained from Potato in Tepi Town Local Market
Tsegaye Tadesse

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Quality Assessment of Ground Water Collected From the Libyan Areas (Grapolly And Gasir Alakhiar Regions)
Mohamed Alzuabir Almaleeh, Mohamed Ezeldin, Suliman Naser and Omer A.Gouda

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Method Verification of Total Digestion Technique for the Determination of Nine Heavy Metals in Soil Using Flame, Graphite Furnace and Cold Vapor, Coupled With Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Frimpong, S. K., Koranteng, S. S., Voegborlo, R. B., Dampare, S. B., Yeboah, P. O.

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Potentiometric Determination of Enrofloxacin Using PVC and Coated Graphite Sensors
Fathy M Salama, Khalid A Attia, Ahmed A Abouserie, Ahmed El-Olemy, Ebrahim Abolmagd

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