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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: A Better Protocol for Better Outcomes
Ahmed Ahmed*, Alaa Ali M. Elzohry,

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Archives of Anesthesiology

Results of the Experimentation of a Platform for Automated Detection of Situations at Risk of Cardiac Decompensation (E-Care Platform) in Elderly Patients with Multiple Comorbidities
Emmanuel Andres*,Samy Talha, Mohamed Hajjam, Olivier Keller, Jawad Hajjam, Sylvie Erve, Amir Hajjam El Hassani

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Archives of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases

Practical Pre-Clinical Teaching & Learning
Craig Peck

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Archives of Dentistry and Oral Health

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience: A Blueprint for Chemistry Revolution
Gavyn Mewett, Andreas Ernst Koller, Anna-Lena Reinhart, ZihaohanSang, Aiden Stepehns, Markus Strolin, Norbert Kunert

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Annals of Ecology and Environmental Science

Scalable Synthesis of CoMn2O4 Nanorods and their Operating - Temperature-Dependent Li-Ion Storage Behaviour
Zhen-Dong Huang*, Ting-Ting Zhang, Hao Lu, Yanwu Fang, Ling Bai, Rui-Qing Liu, Xiu-Jing Lin,Pan Li, Yi Li, Xiaomiao Feng, Yanwen Ma*

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Research Journal of Nanoscience and Engineering
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