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The Annals of Archaeology is an open access, peer reviewed, on line publishing journal that aimed to publish the important and most relevant research information on Archaeology and its sub disciplines. The journal invites and publishes all kinds of quality research data in the form of original articles, reviews, commentaries, short notes, reports to encourage the archaeologists in their research.

Recently Published Articles

Ground and Surface Water Potentials and Accessibility in Kano Municipal, Nigeria: Implication for Geological Constraints
Kankara, I. A

Full Text | Download | 01-12

Diffusion of Geo-Environmental Datasets through Online Interactive and Real-Time Applications.Case Study:The Natura GR2440006 Protected Area
Antoniou Varvara, Vassilakis Emmanuel

Full Text | Download | 13-21

Ecology and importance of the Conservation from Specie Buritizinho (Mauritiella Armata (Mart) Burret - Arecaceae.)
Thamyres Sabrina Goncalves

Full Text | Download | 22-29

Shortage of Water as a Constraint to Irrigation Farming at Daberam Dam Site, Northern Nigeria
Suleiman Iguda Ladan

Full Text | Download | 30-37

Letter to the Editor on: "The Climate Mitigation Gap: Education and Government Recommendations Miss the Most Effective Individual Actions" by Wynes and Nicholas, 2017
Philip Greenwood

Full Text | Download | 38-41

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