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The journal Annals of Language and Literature is an invaluable international peer reviewed journal that covers the latest developments in stylistic analysis, the linguistic analysis of literature and related areas. With its inimitably broad coverage, the journal offers the readers with fully up to date and with the best research worldwide related to Language and Literature.

Annals of Language and Literature aims to publish most quality research work which is undergone through thorough quality check peer review process.

Recently Published Articles

The Impact of Dynamic Assessment on EFL Learners' Vocabulary Learning
Hasan Haghani Zadeh

Download | 01-07

Micro-Linguistics Perspective in the Translation of Sensitive Issues of Surah Al Hujurat (The Chambers) into English
Ahmed Ayaid Gaibani, Fadil Elmenfi

Download | 08-24

The Tragedy of Sexuality in Hamlet
Sonia Sharmin

Download | 25-32

The Superiority and the History of English Language Pronunciation Teaching
Dr. Mohammad Reza Afroogh

Download | 33-37

Heteroglossia in Browning's Monologues: a Dialogic Perspective
Dr. Milton Sarkar

Download | 38-41

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