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Journal of Genetics and Genetic Engineering is an international, open access, academic journal devoted to publish high quality valuable scientific research in the field of Genetics and Genetic Engineering. Every article published in our journal would be sent for thorough peer review process earlier to its publication. The journal accepts and publishes all the original research, review, commentaries, case studies related to journals scope.

Recently Published Articles

The Co-Evaluation of Ovarian Epithelium Edema and Congestion after the Erythropoietin effect on Ovarian Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
C. Tsompos, C. Panoulis, K Toutouzas, A. Triantafyllou, CG.Zografos, K.Tsarea, M. Karamperi, A. Papalois

Full Text | Download | 01-07

Is Fecal Transplant Sense?
Dr Aziz Koleilat

Full Text | Download | 08-10

Role of Genes in the Pathogenesis of Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer
Feng Gao, Hui-liang Zhou, Yunfeng Lin, Feng Dong, Yu-jia Guo, Qicai Liu

Full Text | Download | 11-14

The Role of Genetic Mutations in Genes WNK1, WNK4, CUL3, KLHL3 in Gordon's Syndrome
Shahin Asadi

Full Text | Download | 15-20

The Effect of Some Factors on Self-Care in Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review
Mostafa Madmoli, Marzieh Abbaszade Aliabad, Mohammad Madmoli, Mahboobeh Khodadadi, Fahimeh Papi Ahmadi

Full Text | Download | 21-25

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