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About Journal

The "Archives of Ophthalmology and Optometry" is a peer-reviewed open access journal that focuses on the field of ophthalmology and optometry. The journal aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of the latest research, developments, and advances in this field to an international audience of researchers, healthcare professionals, and students.

The journal covers a wide range of topics related to ophthalmology and optometry, including eye diseases, eye disorders, eye surgery, optometry, visual science, and ocular pharmacology.

The journal welcomes original research articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications that contribute to the advancement of the field of ophthalmology and optometry. With a focus on the latest research and developments, the "Archives of Ophthalmology and Optometry" is a valuable resource for researchers, healthcare professionals, and students in the field.

Recently Published Articles

A Large Unilateral Temporal Pinguecula in a Young Pediatric Patient

Xi Dai, Edward Kuwera

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0401004
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Severity of Diabetic Macular Edema does not influence Restoration of Retinal Photoreceptor Ellipsoid Zone after Intravitreal Bevacizumab Therapy

Somnath De, Sandeep Saxena, Pavol Vesely, Arvind Mishra, Abbas Ali Mahdi, Apjit Kaur, Ioana Mozos, Martin Caprnda, Haaris A. Shiwani, Peter Kruzliak

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0401003
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Measuring Prism in Progressive Addition Spectacle Lenses

Edward Kuwera, Alexander Christoff, Ornit Crystal, Josephine Ibironke, David L. Guyton

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0401002
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Face and Content Validity of an Artificial Eye Model for Secondary IOL Fixation

David Loewen, Abdullah Al-Ani, Michael Penny, Andrew Swift, Adam Gorner, Patrick Gooi

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0401001
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Patient Reported Health and Quality of Life in Uveitis Patients on Systemic Immunosuppression

H Saedon, A Bajwa, S Lee, S Tarin

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0302005
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Isolated Medial Rectus Entrapment Due to Medial Wall Blowout Fracture A Case Report

Gregory Jasani, MD, Edward Kuwera, MD, Amyna Husain ,DO

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0302004
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Covid-19 Virus and Eye

Italo Giuffre MD PhD

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0302003
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Ophtalmomyiasis Externa Severe Eye Trauma:A Case Report

Jela Valaskova, Ivajlo Popov, Juraj Sekac, Sandeep Saxena, Haaris A. Shiwani, Peter Kruzliak, Vladimir Krasnik

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0302002
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The Real Clinical Surgery Practice of Diabetic Macular Edemain Russia

Lipatov D.V., Lyshkanets O.I.

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0302001
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High Pressure 23G Vitrectomy to Treat Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

Luis Emilio Abad, Carlos Cury Jr

doi 10.22259/2638-5120.0301005
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