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Oncogenic Osteomalacia: A New Observation

N. Boussetta, S. Hamrouni, Rim Dhahri, N. Gueddiche, F. Ajili, B. Louzir

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101008
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Factors Associated with Impaired Lung Function among Pregnant Women in Selected Rural and Urban Settings of the Copperbelt Province of Zambia

David Mulenga, MPH, Seter Siziya, PhD

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101007
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White Coat Syndrome; A Reality Beyond the Myth. A review of the Literature

Dr. M. A. Lopez-Ruiz

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101006
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Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease Associated to Connectivitis -About Two Cases-

Nesrine Regaieg, Mayeda Ben Hamad, Nesrine Belgacem, Hassen Baili, Najla Lassoued, Salem Bouomrani

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101005
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Characteristics and Mortality Rates of Patients Following Burn Injury: A Retrospective Series of 1942 Cases

Ayten Saracoglu, Tamer Kuzucuoglu, Sezer Yakupoglu, Erhan Tuncay, Recep Demirhan, Assoc. Prof.

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101004
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Medicine and Medical Sciences: Is there a Need for New Directions?

Genotype-Phenotype Correlation of 12S-rRNA and 16S-rRNA Variants with CPEO Plus is Unproven

Josef Finsterer, MD, PhD, Sinda Zarrouk-Mahjoub, PhD

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0101002
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Dropped Head Syndrome: A Case Series in an Internal Medicine Department

Sow M, Kane B.S, Dieng M, et al.

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Using GH-Method: Math-Physical Medicine to Conduct Segmentation Analysis to Investigate the Impact of Weight on Fasting Plasma Glucose (No: 66)

Vaughn-Jackson Syndrome

Cody J. Sanderson, MD, Marc B. Kaye, MD

doi 10.22259/2638-5279.0302002
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