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Open Journal of Economics and Commerce, is an international peer reviewed journal committed to publish most recent research in the field of Economics and Commerce. The journal focuses on subjects, but not limited to Econometrics, Economic growth, Economic system, Experimental economics , Mathematical economics, Game theory, Post-scarcity, Market and National accounting.

Economics is the science that studies the behaviour of economic agents. Commerce is the exchange of goods or services between two economic agents.

Recently Published Articles

Features of Modern Russian Poverty
Sergeya. Surkov, Ellen G.Trofimova

Full Text | Download | 01-03

The Study of the Level of Perceived Service Quality in Selected Private Commercial Banks in Ethiopia
Jonathan B. Dawit, Melat Mesfin, Ubah Adem

Full Text | Download | 04-07

Effect of Debt Financing on Firm Performance: A Study on Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan
Sohail Aziz, Ulfat Abbas

Full Text | Download | 08-15

Institutions, Innovation and Economic Growth Patterns in East Asia: Learning Curves for Sub-Saharan Africa
Eko Eko Omini

Full Text | Download | 16-24

Technological Intelligence and organisational Performance: Moderating Role of Process Innovation
Asikhia, O. A., Dr.Magaji, N. & Muritala, A. S.

Full Text | Download | 25-31

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