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Open Journal of Economics and Commerce, is an international peer reviewed journal committed to publish most recent research in the field of Economics and Commerce. The journal focuses on subjects, but not limited to Econometrics, Economic growth, Economic system, Experimental economics , Mathematical economics, Game theory, Post-scarcity, Market and National accounting.

Economics is the science that studies the behaviour of economic agents. Commerce is the exchange of goods or services between two economic agents.

Recently Published Articles

Impact of General Elections on Stock Markets in India
CH. Balaji, G.D.V. Kusuma, B. Ravi Kumar

Download | 01-07

E-Commerce Platforms as Service Ecosystems
Antonio Botti, Ph.D, Gennaro Maione

Download | 08-19

Importance of Mathematics and English from Prior Education in a First Year Accounting Subject
Dr. Rina Datt,Girijasankar Mallik

Download | 20-26

Access Charges Regulation under Asymmetric Mobile Networks
Alexander Correa

Download | 27-41

Stock Market Development and Economic Growth: New Evidence from South Africa
Erasmus L. Owusu (Phd)

Download | 42-52

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