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Open Journal of Human Resource Management is an academic journal devoted to publish the scholarly conceptual and theoretical articles pertaining to human resource management and allied fields like industrial/organizational psychology, human capital, labour relations, organizational behaviour. The journal promises for quality and transparent peer review for the submitted articles.

Human Resource Management is designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems

Recently Published Articles

Public employment services in Bulgaria: opportunities of better management and the importance of human resources
Ekaterina Arabska

Download | 01-15

Human Resource Management and Transformative Ethics
Cam Caldwell, Comfort O. Okpala

Download | 16-21

Power and Influence of the Modern Internet Opinion Leader
Anne M. Rorholm

Download | 22-29

The needs of Change in Job Interview: Compassionate Assessment and Interview
Ambrin Buang, Leow Chee Seng, Vincent Leong Wing Sum

Download | 30-37

"Is there a Link between Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job-Mobility? Evidence from NLSY79"
Benjamin W. Chute ,Phanindra V. Wunnava,

Download | 38-52

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