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Research Journal of Food and Nutrition is a peer-reviewed, international, open access on line publishing journal that provides reliable scientific information as original articles in all areas of food and nutrition. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various current researches in the area of food and nutrition and its sub disciplines. The primary aim of the journal is to improve the knowledge, awareness on human nutrition, advanced food processing technologies.

Recently Published Articles

Comparative Proximate Composition and Cyanide Content of Peeled and Unpeeled Cassava Roots Processed into Garri by Traditional Methods
Chiedozie O. Ibegbulem and Paul C. Chikezie

Download | 01-13

Adolescent Weight Perceptions and Snack Food Portion Estimation
Georgianna Mann, PhD; Lauren Woodar Parrish , MS; Jo, Jangwoo, MS; Melinda Valliant, PhD, RD

Download | 14-22

Evaluation of Parental Involvement in the Families in Transformation (FIT) Weight Management Program for Children
Kathy B. Knight, Heather Walker, Anne K. Bomba, Sydney A. Devers, Meagan Maloney, Kathy Tucker

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Comparative Assessment of the Physicochemical Properties and Fatty Acid Profile OF Fluted Pumpkin Seed Oil with Some Commercial Vegetable Oils in Rivers State, Nigeria
Chibor Bariwere Samue, Kiin-Kabari David Barine, Eke-Ejiofor Joy

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Nutrition in HeartFailure
Isa Ardahanli, Mehmet Celik

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